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Project Name Description Status
Weeble Antenna Self-righting antenna Researching
Project Gargoyle Wearable computer Researching
Real-Life FPS Bring the game to life! Researching
Search and Rescue Command environment for coordinating search and rescue Researching
Stun Glove Electrically enhanced fists... Shocking! Researching
Wifi Foxhunt W00f! Planning
APRS GPS and HAM together with a creamy nougat center Researching
SNAPL Video New promotional video for SNAPL Gathering material
IRC bot for controlling an Asterisk server Use an IRC bot to control and get status reports on an asterisk server. Researching
Laptop IAXy Set up an IAXy to use an analog phone on a laptop Completed
Enhanced WiFi antenna Experiment with unidirectional antennae Researching
Home PCB Etching To make our own pcbs Home PCB Etching
PIC writer To program our chips PIC writer
Hovercraft Robots BEAM bots that hover Researching
Weeble Access Point Mesh networking at its finest Researching
LuftWaffle Based off the beer fridge but for bread products Early Implementation
MP3 arm band Arm band for holding an mp3 player while exercising Prototype built and tested
Linux touchscreen testbed Set up the Ramline tablet with Linux Completed
Room control center Uses the Ramline tablet to create a control center for the room/house Researching
Thermite Production Make thermite Researching
Multimode Electric Bath Equipment for electro-plating, hydrolysis, and iron oxide production Researching
Cubecumber Ergonomic, stackable, and fun-sized cucumbers Waiting for test bed
Hydroponic Gardening Space saving and efficient gardening Researching
Ultra-Portable Photobooth A branch of the Photobooth project. Researching
Home Forging Building a home setup to melt down scrap metal and cast it into usable forms Building Phase 1 in progress
[[{{{Project Name}}}]] Repainting various objects to appear Steampunkish status}}
Safety Apron Making an apron for use with Home Forging In progress
Multi-pocket Vest A vest that can be worn over your clothing that has many pockets and loops to hold tools while you work on a project On hold
Tool Hassock A place to sit that doubles as tool storage On hold
N.O.S.E. Improve Everywhere style prank Researching
Hamfest Table Table for upcoming Hamfest Voting Period Shall end in 1 week from Call to Vote date.
Ball Mill Mill for grinding materials Gathering materials
Extreme Skiball Skiball for grownups Pipe dream