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About Me

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My website: Tao Ex Machina GitHub Codecademy

  • Born and raised in New Hampshire, moved to Huntsville in 2008
  • I have a love/hate relationship with fixing things
  • My handle has many allusions/reasons, fore most is a tool to "revive" stuff
  • Pretty handy with a soldering iron. (through hole /surface mount / rework / toaster ovens)
  • I also know my way around some basic wood working
  • I've had two projects posted on Hack a Day (so far)
  • I have been working on contributions to Open Source Hardware in GEDA/PCB
  • I've worked a variety of jobs:
    • Warehouse shipping and receiving / Repairing home medical equipment
    • Taxi/courier driver
    • Freelance computer repair
    • School IT consultant
    • Janitor
    • Pharmacy Technician / Delivery Driver (I playfully called it "drug running")
    • Test Technician in circuit board manufacturing
    • Asterisk Tech support
    • Failure analysis technician
    • Web Host support
    • Linux System Administrator

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