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Input: either text of XML if text, will consist of many lines. each line will be formatted like so:

<card name> <number of cards>

if xml, will be more like

   <card name="card name" number=10 />

it will parse this input file, and combine the numbers for any duplicate entry of card name and output a new corrected file.

once the input file is done being processed, it will access the gatherer, the online magic card database. it will look up all information for the card name, and store it in a new file. probably xml for now

<card name="card name" count=10 sets="1,2" type="" colors="" power="" 
 toughness="" cost="" oracle="" legality="">
   <deck name=0 count=2 sideboard=0 />
   <set number=0 name="" flavor="" rule="" picture="" artist="" rarity=0 />
   <ruling date=""> </ruling>

it must acquire all this information from the gatherer, for each set the card existed in, and acquire at least the picture from the latest set. examples of information:

Serra Angel


the deck name and count are indicators of personal decks this card exists in, and how many are in that deck.


this must be able to allow the user to edit their own personal decks, create new decks, and generate listing of any or all decks, and sideboards.

listings must be able to be generated for all cards as well.

display of picture shall be optional, acquirement of picture for each(any) set shall be optional.

listings must be sortable, and searchable by any field.

entire database must be easily transportable.

must be able to generate a printed checklist for any listing.

must be able to generate a printable view for any listing.

the generated input file must be saved.

--Chazz 01:09, 28 February 2007 (CST)