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In Progress
Born On:
13:02, 14 November 2009 (CDT)
Last Updated:
16:03, 03 March 2010 (CDT)


We have many magazines, reference books, and text books. We need a dedicated place to store them and a relaxing place to read them.


There is space in the storage room loft that has not been used since it is not easily accessible. An isolated area away from the work of the main shop area will let people concentrate better. If a book needs to be removed from the library perhaps a dumbwaiter system can be set up.


  • Shelving
    • Some shelving already installed
    • Can be made from plywood but donated/salvaged shelves would be nice as well
  • Seating
    • A spare sofa is already in place
    • Ideally bean bag chairs would be set up as well
  • Other furniture
    • End tables
    • Coffee tables
    • Area rug

Could Possibly Use:

  • Public Shop Computer
    • We have three machines that have been declared public. Perhaps set one or two up there as a public-use computer?
  • Small Meeting Area
    • Set up a small whiteboard.


Inside the library there would be set up growing plants in pots with a water system circulating between them. Sun lamps can provide the light needed. Along with the plants can be a water garden with falling water displays and various atmosphere enhancers. A living wall setup would also be nice to have as well.