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Note that information on this page is archival.

My birthday is coming up, September 7, and I'd like to do something kind of big this year, because some evidence points to it might be my last in Huntsville. So I'd like to get all my friends, Makers and Not, in once place and party for a night. But my house is not well suited for such an event, and I thought the Make Shop would be a better fit. We have tables, floor space, and a nice sound system. Of course there's some set up involved, but I take that burden entirely on myself. Of course, all the Makers are invited, but I'll be inviting my other friends too, so the place ought to look presentable to outsiders.

If approved, I will triple my monthly donation for September as payment for allowing me the space and resources for the night.



Saturday, September 12 starting at 9PM

Shop Requirements

Yeah, the place is going to need to be cleaned up a little. Nothing major, I'm talking about getting everything off the tables and cleaning the floors. And the bathroom would absolutely have to be working. I'd be willing to buy another couple of floor fans for cooling, but I also think it's a good reason to start the party at 9 and not earlier, hopefully it will have cooled off a little by then. I'll buy all the food, and I'll clean up when it's over.

I would like access to: Photobooth - Obvious reasons Projector - For shitty movie


Minimal. I might put up a balloon in the parking lot, or another google pin in the front of the parking lot for visibility.

  • One table for my artwork
  • One table for my art collection
  • One table for food (no cooking required, just cold soda and watermelon)


My understanding is that alcohol is allowed as long as people aren't using power tools, and that should be the case here. I will bring my own collection of spirits, but other drinks are certainly allowed. I should caution that I don't drink beer, so I'm not buying any, BYOB.

Shitty Movie Night

At some point, I'd like to watch a shitty movie. I imagine it'll start somewhere between 12 and 1, though if the party goes well I won't rush it. Nothing unbearably horrible, but something pleasantly bad. I'm thinking Frankenfish. There may be a drinking game, or some other form of competitive viewing. There would be a winner and a Mystery Prize.