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We are interns at the Pennsylvania School for Global Entrepreneurship working with the Allentown Economic Development Corporation. Currently we are helping them develop a hackerspace to meet the needs of the residents of the Lehigh Valley.

  • Great! We are of the opinion that the world needs more hackerspaces.

We have assembled a list of questions about your hackerspace and we would be grateful if you would be able to provide us with some guidance for this venture.

  • We will certainly do our best.

General Information

· What factors lead to the development of your particular hackerspace?

  • Our desire for tinkering, creating, figuring things out, and innovating

· What do you charge your customers; do you charge a monthly fee or rental by square foot?

  • We have a completely donation-based system. We rely on the members to donate what they can to keep us afloat.

· Do you provide the equipment for your clients or do they use their own?

  • Yes.

· If you do provide it, what is the staple equipment that you recommend any successful hackerspace acquire?

  • There is no perfect answer to this. There are hackerspaces with CNC mills, metal lathes, 3D-printers, and laser cutters, then there are hackerspaces with pencils, paper, and a soldering iron or two.


· What is the typical age group to which you cater?

  • From 9 to 99!

· What types of projects do your clients generally work on? More specifically, do you have general distribution among clients who work primarily with computer software versus those whose work focuses on manufacturing or the arts?

  • Our hackerspace is extremely varied. We don't have 'typical' projects. Our projects range from gardening to vaccuum molding to wood block carving to surface mount ovens and RC lawnmowers to taking photos from outer space. Give or take smelting aluminium and building our own photobooths.

Best Practices & Marketing

· What would recommend as best practices for a developing hackerspace?

  • umm... keep your supply of LUCK well-stocked? I dunno... someone else take this

· What marketing methods have you found to be most successful?

  • radio.... uh, youtube? /me shrugs someone else take this too..

· Do you have partnerships with local colleges, vocational schools, or businesses?

  • doh.. a bunch of questions I don't know anything about...

If there is any additional information you can provide which we may have overlooked or that would be beneficial to our venture, we would be extremely grateful for all of your help.

  • Will do! Good luck!