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Ackis has an RPG function, makes the channel more interesting.


  • Every 15min each user gets 1 point starting on the top of the hour.
  • Every line more then 6 words up to 10 words gets half a point for every word
  • Every day has a random word of the day, worth 10 points if spoken, but can only be used once between midnight and midnight


  • 40 points for a kick sheild
  • 50 points for a kick sword
  • 80 points for a 10 min ban
  • 100 points for a kill sheild
  • 120 points for a kill sword

World Building


  • 500 points allow you to add a room to the game with 1 connection to a previously existing room someone else built
  • 200 points allow you to add a room to the game with 1 connection to a previously exiting room you've built
  • 10 points allow you to add a direction from a room (you've built) to another existing room (you've built)


Modify Existing Systems

  • Utilize MOO
    • MOO is like MUD except users can add to the world in game-time. LambdaMOO is a recommended engine, WinMOO is the windows version, or there are linux packages available up through Gutsy for Ubuntu
  • Utilize existing IRC servers and Clients
  • Need to obtain or create an IRC bot that is able to fork multiple telnet connections

User Logs in to IRC -> User /msg Bot -> user issues command to join game -> Bot spawns a telnet connection to MOO server -> user logs in.

This could be done in a weekend.

Create IRC Server Game