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Procuring MOU with HAL5
Born On:
19:30, 12 December 2010 (CST)
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21:48, 13 April 2011 (CDT)


The local chapter of the National Space Society, HAL5 is hosting the 2011 International Space Development Conference (ISDC) in Huntsville's Von Braun Center, May 18-22.

This is a HUGE conference that attracts the international space community from big players and professionals in space exploration to space enthusiasts; astronauts, scientists, entrepreneurs, government officials, activists and citizens of this planet who look forward to the opening of the "final frontier" to discover the future of space exploration.

Yohan Lo, the local HAL5 president and ISDC organizer, is looking to make a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU, services in exchange for a presentation space) with Makers Local 256. He has asked us to assist them with setting up and operating a break area at their conference in May from Wednesday the 18th to Sunday the 22nd. In exchange, we will get a non-profit presentation table/booth for free. We can present the hackerspace and what we do to a larger technical community and to a good majority of Huntsville's technical talent.

We must decide what we can provide to ISDC for the duration of the conference and write that into the contract. They are expecting a draft contract by 3/15/11 and a signed commitment by 4/1/11.

We need volunteers to run the presentation and break areas as well as Maker projects to present. This is akin to other presentations we have done, open house, LAN Party shows, etc..


  • March 15, 2011: Soft Due Date for Makers Local 256 and HAL5 to come to an agreement.
  • April 22, 2011: Hard Due Date and Signature Deadline for Makers Local 256-HAL5 MOU for ISDC.
  • May 18, 2011 - May 22, 2011: ISDC Conference, Huntsville, AL, Von Braun Center & Embassy Suite Hotel and Spa.

To Do

  • Gather volunteers, projects and gear for presentation and ISDC support. - In Progress
  • Contact Yohan Lo for more information. Spacefelix is POC. - Have gathered information for an initial draft of the contract as of 3/15/11.
  • Do our research on reducing the cost to Makers Local 256 as much as possible and getting as many amenities as we can. Formalize deal with HAL5. - Contract set, will answer on 4/15/11.

Current Terms

This is a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between National Space Society (NSS) International Space Development 2011 (ISDC 2011) conference committee, Huntsville Alabama L5 Society (HAL5) and Makers Local 256 regarding participation in ISDC 2011.

  1. Makers Local 256 provides to ISDC at no cost:
    1. Internet Café:
      1. 4 to 6 secure computers with internet access and printing services.
      2. Places for patrons to plug in laptops and convene.
      3. Personnel to support the Internet Café.
    2. At least 1 Booth Operator in the Internet Café area to help with internet access questions during exhibit hall operating hours.
  2. ISDC Provides to Makers Local 256 at no cost:
    1. Tables and chairs to set up the Internet Café in a 20’x20’ area (see Note 1).
    2. To the Internet Café:
      1. Electrical power
      2. At the discretion of ISDC (see Note 2), one Ethernet port connection or wifi access code, if used. Ethernet is preferred.
    3. An area in the VBC East Hall
      1. A 6' Display Table next to the Internet Café (see Note 1).
      2. Electrical power and internet connectivity for the 6' Display Table will be shared with the Internet Café.
    4. Four ‘Exhibitor’ badges for access to the Exhibit Hall (see Note 3). Will be used by Booth Operators.
    5. Two ‘Exhibitor/Attendee’ badges for access to the Conference and Exhibit Halls (see Note 3).
    6. No names will be printed on the badges to allow Booth Operators to decide who can use them.
  3. Times of Operation:
    1. May 18 - Setup day for exhibitors. Exhibit Hall open from 9am to 11pm for setup.
    2. May 19-21 - 8 am to 6 pm
    3. May 22 - 8 am - 12 pm
    4. May 22 - after 12 pm, Tear Down
  4. Points of Contact
    1. Makers Local 256 shall identify one or more POC(s) for all communication between ISDC 2011 Organizers and Makers Local 256.
  5. Promotion and Advertising of ISDC 2011
    1. Makers Local 256 shall promote ISDC 2011 on its website and other media.
    2. Makers Local 256 shall provide ISDC a high-quality (>300dpi) electronic version of its logo to use in connection with ISDC promotions (e.g. the web site and programming book).
    3. ISDC 2011 shall identify Makers Local 256 on its website ( and program books as host of the ISDC 2011 Internet Café.
  6. ISDC 2011 Registration Discount
    1. Makers Local 256 members can register for the conference at the ‘co-supporter’ rate regardless of his/her NSS membership status. Online registration form will be updated on the website ( to allow for a participant/'co-supporter' rate.

Current Signatures:

  • Makers Local 256 Board Representative - <signature pending>
  • ISDC 2011 Chair - Bart Leahy, signed on 4/12/2011. Original signature record with spacefelix.


  • Note 1 - The exact location of the Internet Café and 6’ Display Table is still TBD.
  • Note 2 - ISDC will provide either Ethernet or wireless depending on network capacity and equipment availability.
  • Note 3 - The levels of access to ISDC locales is as follows; Public Hall - public access, Exhibit Hall - ‘Exhibitor’ & ‘Exhibitor/Attendee’ badge access, Conference Hall - ‘Exhibitor/Attendee’ badge access.


POC Between Makers Local 256 and ISDC 2011 Organizers

  • Spacefelix


This will be like a shop open house, so present whatever projects you like:

NOTE: Presentations will have to share space with services; ISDC is currently expecting Makers Local 256 to operate the services in the space granted in the contract terms.


Briefcase PC 1 brimstone
Briefcase PC 2 brimstone
Laptop spacefelix
Laptop Crash Cart
Computer 5
Computer 6
  • Security Wire
  • Power Cables
  • Internet Cables and Routers
  • Color Printer/Scanner/Etc. - spacefelix

Shift Table

Need volunteers to run Internet Cafe and Lounge. Schedule is broken down into two-hour shifts:

  • For May 18th, Wednesday - Setup Day
8-10am Crash Cart
10-12pm Crash Cart
  • May 19th, Thursday - Exhibitions Open
8-10am Crash Cart
10-12pm Crash Cart
12-2pm Crash Cart
2-4pm Crash Cart
4-6pm Crash Cart
  • May 20th, Friday - Exhibitions Open
8-10am Alii
10-12pm Alii, Crash Cart
12-2pm Crash Cart, Alii (If no one else volunteers)
2-4pm Crash Cart, Alii (If no one else volunteers)
4-6pm Omegix, Spacefelix
  • May 21th, Saturday - Exhibitions Open
8-10am Spacefelix
10-12pm Omegix, Spacefelix
12-2pm Spacefelix, Crash Cart
2-4pm Spacefelix, Crash Cart
4-6pm Spacefelix, Crash Cart
  • May 22nd, Sunday - Exhibitions Open
8-10am Spacefelix
10-12pm Spacefelix
  • May 22nd, Sunday - Post-Noon Breakdown
12pm Spacefelix, Crash Cart

Crash Cart's Note: I'm technically available through this entire event.

Fundraising Opportunities

  • Donors & Sponsors - As there will be publicity with potential donors and sponsors at this conference, it would be handy to have a couple copies of our sponsorship letter handy and literature to hand to the right people.
  • Selling Concessions - Can we sell concessions and make some money off the event? <- No, VBC has monopoly on all concessions.
  • Getting a Corporate Sponsorship for Makers Local 256 at ISDC - We could ask for more than we pay for and get a profit. The only caution is to maintain our non-profit status by not going over our yearly profit margin limit.
  • Successfully and satisfactorily supporting HAL5 (an educational organization) in our MOU - We can use this as future leverage when asking for corporate sponsorships and grants (see Makers Local 256 Business Plan).

Can We Make This More Cost-Effective For Makers Local 256?

  • As we are a 501(c)3 charitable organization, are we able to reduce our costs further with HAL5?
  • Do we count as an educational organization? If so, can that status be used to the aim above?