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How to use the Makers Local printer in a few easy steps:

Standard disclaimer, only tried on Debian, WOMB, YMMV, and Good Luck.

Follow these links to Brother:

The lpr drivers[1], and the cups wrapper[2].

and select the appropriate (MFC-7220) files. You need both. Try to get the latest ones from thier site with those links, but if that doesn't work, use these[3]

Install the LPR drivers first, using dpkg. This should complete without errors.

The second package requires this directory, but does not create it, and fails. Do this, as a workaround before installing the cups wrapper:

mkdir /usr/share/cups/model

Then install the cupswrapper package with dpkg.

After this step you should be able to see the printer in gnome print dialogs, and it should work over USB.

To make it work over the network (wired only): Go to http://localhost:631 to configure cups. Go to the printers tab, and click modify printer. Set it up to work on appsocket/hp jet direct, and set the URI to socket://

Try printing.

Lexmark OptraColor 1200


  1. Setup a Internet Printing Protocol (ipp) printer with socket://
  2. Use the PPD located here:
  3.  ???
  4. Profit