Millard fillmore

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Basic Specs

  • cheap
  • cutting area 12x12x6


  • equal length parts for lead screws, and linear shafts
  • few custom parts as possible
  • few wood cuts as possible or in small enough sections machine can cut itself, Keep wood parts to a 2x4 sheet of half inch birch.
  • single PCB for control 4x6 inch in size
  • find good power supply for everything
  • cuts for end stops and encoders
  • larger Z platform for holding different tools, spindle, extruder, laser, router, dremel etc
  • figure out good way to mount bushings and leadscrew nuts.
  • possibly go to higher thread per inch lead screws
  • work on X,Y,Z flexing. Look at 1/2" guide rod for increased rigidity.


  • tweak 5d reprap firmware to control spindle and allow for tool changes
  • write gcode for zeroing out cut area

Design Notes

  • Keep in mind the possibility for future expansion of hardware.