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Multi-OS Client connecting to a Multi-Protocol Network to allow download Multiple Content


Pipe dream


  1. Small Ajax apps, each designed for a specific purpose, called "worker bees"(beez? for short) that go and retrieve data from outside sources for use in The Hive.
  2. The Hive will be a server with user accounts and encrypted directories for each account where in all their data and sessions are stored. All connections will be ssl encrypted.
  3. Each user session begins with a single resizeable div container with a menu. In the menu are the individual available "worker bees" of which one may be selected for use in that div. Users can create as many divs as they want and arrange them however they wish. The session will save at set intervals continuously for as long as the user is logged in, ensuring that there session will be the same the next time the login. (brimstone: why save at intervals and not save on change?)
  4. The admin(queen for all intents and purposes) will have a unique top down view of all accounts in The Hive in the form of a grid of hexagons each depicting a tiny view of the saved session for a single user. Clicking a hexagon will bring up a single larger view of a users saved session. The admin has no interaction with what goes on in any account in this view.
  5. Each user will have a "public" directory in their directory for the purpose of sharing information with users, who they have given access to.