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I want a photo gallery. I would prefer No Flash, and No Java.

I want these features:

  • Thumbnails - required
    • Automatically generate on mass/single upload
    • Allow editing via selecting sub-region (single upload and go-back-edits)
    • How / where are they stored?
  • Slideshow - required
    • Launch a slideshow of images returned from a label/tag/filter/search
  • Users - trending required
    • Some stuff needs to have restricted access.
    • Some stuff can be open to Anonymous...
    • Lock out pictures/tags/descriptions/labels via user permissions
  • Search - required
    • I want lots of it.
    • Yes, I want still more of it.
    • I want to search comments, descriptions, tags, labels, picture metadata.
    • Search needs to also work like a filter.
Labels and Tags
  • Labels - required
    • Work like albums.
    • A picture can thus be in multiple "albums" - this can handle Sets into Collections too.
    • Some will be automatically generated based on when picture was taken, but thus can be "hidden".
    • hidden labels exist, but may not show up anywhere until they get used somehow. I dunno, this needs more thought.
    • Automatically generate Year, Month, 'Year and Month' at least.
    • Labels will be searchable! and combinable... '2011 AND Christmas'
    • If we have descriptions, then these can have one.
    • Tag / Label cloud
  • Tags - trending required
    • work similarly to how they do in lots of places... you tag people/pets/things
    • Would really like face recognition, and then a place to review "pending tags" that haven't been assigned yet.
    • Would really like people/pet/things recognition in tags, so if I tag you a few times, it learns who you are and automatically tags you next time.
    • When adding, store a list of previously used Tags to select from so you don't always have to write it up fresh
Reads picture metadata to get date taken, camera, anything we care to know or search by really.
  • Mass Upload - required
    • Ability to upload .zip, .tar.gz, etc...
    • Allow Users to do this?
  • LAN Upload / Monitoring - trending required
    • Can scan/host from local folder over LAN (mounted filesystems, even if non-local?)
    • Can poll the folder for updates periodically
  • Single Upload - trending required
    • Allow Users to upload photos
    • Allow modifying thumbnail, description, labels, tags, etc.
Text and metadata
  • Comments - trending optional
    • Allow users to post comments
    • Allow anonymous to post comments?
    • Have some captcha system when anonymous?
  • Descriptions - trending optional
    • While not required on all pictures, if we're gonna have them, they have to be simple to add and be MASS EDITABLE.
    • Must be able to edit descriptions on all pictures uploaded/labelled at once. One save action for all.
    • Need some way of storing Descriptions for Labels.
    • While we're at it, we might can store Descriptions for Tags too... at least for Pet/Thing tags...
    • Dang it, now we need to lock descriptions down to user-level permissions too...
  • Ratings - trending optional
    • Ratings might be cool. Some way of people indicating that they "like" a picture at least.
    • If we have them, then we have to be able to view the highly ranked/liked ones.
    • Do we want "dislike" or negative rankings?

More stuff as I think of it or get frustrated by how something works...