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I've always found scavenger hunts fun and always wanted to do one, so I came up with a couple of concepts for them. Ideally these would help people discover Huntsville a bit more, by causing them to visit places that they may not have before.



Scavenger Hunt #1


This one has a movie tie in for Bring Popcorn called Midnight Madness wherein a group of college students plan "The Great Allnighter" a scavenger hunt that last all night. The host of this scavenger hunt looks and acts a lot like our mutual friend Chazz, so of course he'll be hosting it following the movie.

The Plan

  • People wanting to participate will have make teams of however many people they want.
    • Must be at least two.
  • They will be given a clue which they must then decipher that will lead them to a location and the next clue.
  • Each team will be given a prepaid cellphone that has been lowjacked without their knowledge.
    • Makes it easy for HQ to keep track of their progress.
  • Each team will be required to carry a digital camera.
    • Camera will be used to take a picture of the ENTIRE team at the location deciphered from the clue.
    • Teams are encouraged to take as many pictures as they want of their adventures for the benefit of putting them up on a website to commemorate the event.
  • Once a team has reached a location and taken the picture they will then call a predetermined number for HQ to receive the next clue.
    • At this point they may be given bonus tasks while at that location to receive extra points.
  • Teams will have a set time frame to complete the course and make it to the final location at which point there will be a party.

Scavenger Hunt #2


This one is more of a traditional scavenger hunt with a list of items of varying point values but done slightly different learning from the mistakes of past scavenger hunts.

The Plan

  • Participants will be in teams of varying numbers.
    • Must be at least two.
  • Teams will be required to have a laptop for use in looking up information etc.
  • The list will not be printed on paper, but be on an encrypted thumbdrive with a passphrase known only to that team.
    • This is that in case they're caught there won't be any readily available evidence to compromise the game.