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In Progress
Born On:
11:02, 14 November 2009 (CDT)
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12:39, 14 November 2009 (CDT)


This is a text based multi-player online game. The basic idea is that a player is set in an interactive environment and can program constructs with a scripting language to perform tasks or the player can do these tasks by them self.

Playing Field

The playing environment takes place inside of four places, the planet map, the space map, the universe map, and the construct map.

Planet Map

The planet map is the basic map and starting point of all human players. The planet is broken up into x,y,z coordinates. Each point will be considered a "room". A planet will have a maximum of 100,000 x 100,000 x 9 rooms. Z level 0 will be "sea level", z level 4 will be considered the edge of space, z level -4 will be considered the lowest diggable level of the planet.


Each room will have a certain terrain that restricts who or what can enter that area. The terrain is also an indicator of what materials are available to be collected in that room. Terrains may include:

  • Rocky/mountain
    • Rich in minerals
    • Difficult to pass over
  • Grassy
    • Good for growing foodstuffs and collecting plant life
    • Easy to pass over
  • Bare dirt
    • Used for underground rooms
    • Easy to pass over
  • Water
  • Air
    • Used for z levels above 0 that aren't mountain
    • Requires special machines to access

All planets are accessible from the space map but certain ones may have harsh environments. Players and MOBs that aren't properly prepared will be destroyed. Examples of harsh environments:

  • Venus type planets
  • Airless asteroids
    • Rich in minerals
  • Gas Giants
    • Rich in gasses
  • Stars
    • The heat and pressure could be exploited for power plants

Space Map

Above z level 4, the player enters the space map. This is a local planetary map of the solar systems the player is in. Each object is represented by a point in the x,y,z axis. Objects may include:

  • Stars
  • Planets
  • Asteroids
  • Fleets of ships
  • Hazard objects
    • Black holes
    • Neutron stars

When a player on the space map enters an object point they revert to that object's planetary map. The space map for one object may be a different size than another. This is considered the object's gravity well. You cannot go interstellar speeds until you leave the gravity well.

Universe Map

When the player leaves the edge of the space map they enter the universe map. Each object in the universe map is represented by a point on the x,y,z axis. Each object can be considered a "solar system" even if it doesn't have a star. Once a player encounters an object they revert to the space map for that object.

Construct Map

The construct map is the space inside of a player created area. This may include ore mines, ships, large robots, artificial "cyberspaces". These are accessed from special portals on the planetary map.

Human Players

Human players have two areas that they can focus. The first is a physically powerful character who excels in personal combat. They lack the ability to script and command large numbers of MOBs. The second is a character who is able to command large numbers of MOBs but lacks personal combat skills. Combinations of these characters are also available.

Player death

Computer Controlled Players (MOB)