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We have a place! Makers Local 256 opened its first not-in-someone's-apartment place in April of 2008. An archive of the places we looked at and the things we brainstormed can be found at We need a place 2008. ) Our place is currently 1000sqft, and while it's worked so far, it's evident that a larger place would be ideal.

We need a place where we can go and work on these projects in an environment that stimulates creativity and motivation. The shop will provide a work area, resources, and knowledge to help people with their projects.

Need to Call

  1. This guy said his wife might have something: 256-489-4441 (Jeff to call)
  2. Looks like a nice shop. - Found on 1/1/09 - Map - 256-534-0037
  3. Place is for sale, 3 Lots 20,250 sq/ft Could call about. - Found on 1/1/09 Map - 256-509-6715
  4. Right on the side of Oakwood, wouldn't hurt to call 10,000 sq/ft - Found on 1/1/09 - Map - 256-759-2448
  5. Building looks like its being remodeled but again won't hurt to call. - Found on 1/1/09 - Map - 256-534-1694
  6. Bug warehouse type place, says it has space available. - Found on 1/1/09 - Map - 256-533-0990
  7. Old run down house - 109 Parkway Dr. - Found 1/1/09 - Map - 256-650-0628

Waiting to Hear Back From

  1. David Hendriz with Weichert realty 656-1143
    1. Have talked to David and he is looking around for us now.

Already Contacted: Didn't work out

  1. Miller Properties (772-9851) Only leases space in Madison, had 5000sqft for $2k/mo