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Acer Chromebook C710

Disable BIOS Beep

Appears to run a high risk of bricking the device, thanks Google.

Magikarp to Developer Mode

There seems to be two developer modes on the chromebook. To the best of my knowledge, both need to be enabled in order to boot your own Linux instance.

Enable Developer #1

With stock Chromeos installed and shut down, hold [ESC] + [F3 / Refresh] and then tap the power button to turn on the notebook. Sit back and let it convert to dev mode.

Enable Developer #2

Screw it, I forgot the command, and I'm not going back to Chromeos just to tell it to you. When you get to a login screen, press [CTRL] + [ALT] + [F2] to reach a terminal login. Login as Chronos. The command to convert Chromeos to dev state is listed right above the login prompt, use it.

Install Linux (Debian)

General procedure:

1. Use Chrubuntu scripts to grab the Chromeos firmware and whatnot. Then use it to generate a new kernel.
2. Copy the collected files off of the chromebook.
3. Use KVM to install Debian (or whatever) to a distro.img file.
4. Partition the chromebook's hard drive with cgpt.
5. Use dd to flash over the kernel.
6. Mount the distro.img and second partition of the hard drive, copy over the filesystem.
7. Profit or maybe possibly not.