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  • 17th Show.
  • Recording time: November 17, 2011


Show Format

  1. Introduction - who, what, when, where, why
  2. Update on what Makers Local 256 is doing.
  3. Stories
  4. Events
  5. That's all folks


This is Hackerspace Digest episode number 17 for Wednesday Nov 17, 2011. Hackerspace Digest is a semi-weekly podcast recorded by member of Makers Local 256 in Huntsville, Al. You check out for more information about us. I am (realname) also know as (online_name) online, (rest of people fill in starting to left of the main host).

Makers Local 256 update

  • Open House


  • Composing music with awk --brimstone
    • That thing Brimstone talked about last episode
    • append "| pacat -p --raw --channels=2 --rate=4000 --format=u8"
  • Print your own t-slot beams --brimstone
    • looks similar to 80/20, missing center whole
    • castable?
  • Should printable weapons be banned on thingiverse? Discuss --brimstone
    • Login! Vote!
  • School Factory's Space Camp --brimstone
    • Similar to CCCamp and the Meetup we did.
    • Ideally held in a museam
    • Looking for attributes of a proper Hackerspace Village
    • Sometime 2013?
  • New Book: Hack This!
    • "24 incredible hackerspace projects form the DIY moevment
    • Written by John Baichtal
  • The combined / House4Hack team won the Google+ Hackathon JHB 2011. --brimstone
    • House4Hack hackerspace in Johannesburg
    • Remote Control
    • Webcam
    • Google+
    • Lasers
    • Need I say more?
  • [ bGeigie Hackerspace World Tour!]
    • "basically a geiger counter paired with an arduino and a GPS module which gets strapped to a car and driven around."
    • go to their site and sign up to have it come to your hackerspace.
  • The Dutch collaboration of hackerspaces released their Space API. --brimstone
    • JSON
    • "Standard interface"

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Thank you for listening. If you questions, comments, or basically anything, we want to hear your thoughts. Please drop in irc, #makerslocal on freenode, or send us an email to You can find out everything about Makers Local 256 on Have a good one.


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