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JimShoe and Strages
Canceled for 2010
Born On:
00:32, 23 January 2010 (CST)
Last Updated:
16:18, 29 April 2010 (CDT)


Arbor day re-imagined! Arrrbor Day is in celebration of the only known planet to host pirates in any shape or form. Held on the last Friday of April around the world both in practice and in the hearts of all pirates and would-be pirates.



  • Hoisting sails in Earth's majestic trees, effectively turning her into a ship worthy of sailing the galactic seas.
  • Planting trees for future pirate generations.
    • How else are they going to make their ships?
  • Deploying seed bombs on fallow ground.
  • Raising your personal jolly roger so that other pirates may recognize you.


  • Arbor Day Foundation - Membership includes 10 free trees and a tree guide. Members get discounts of 33–56% on tree purchases, plus a free red maple. Trees will arrive as live 10-12" seedlings. Delivery schedules for the North Alabama Area are Spring 02/12–04/30, order deadline 04/16 & Fall 11/05–12/10, order deadline 11/26. The trees from the flowering tree package (pink, white, and yellow flowers) are selected for planting in large or small space. They also provide winter berries and nesting sites for songbirds. They are as follows:
    • 2 White Flowering Dogwoods
    • 2 Flowering Crabapples
    • 2 Washington Hawthorns
    • 2 Eastern Redbuds
    • 2 Goldenraintrees

NOTE: 1 tree has arrived an is now in crashcartpro's care.

Seed Bombs

  • Seed Bombs are a quick and discreet way to regreen fallow land. We will be building some for the event to spread foliage.
    • Will do two varieties - Aquatic and land plants. The first for streams and waterways, the second for fields.
    • Seed Bomb Experiment on 4/24/10 with the Community Garden Project.
  • How to make a seed bomb.

Planting Efforts

  • Arbor Day Foundation Tree Planting Directions
  • Currently (2/23/10) - The State of Alabama has mo organized planting efforts. We can be the first. ;)
  • Planning for a prep work day on 4/30 to prepare trees, tools, seed bombs, sails and pirate flags. Also need list of places we will be planting. Going to be doing a planting day all day long on 5/1.
  • Potential Planting Sites:
    • JimShoe will be sending a letter to various companies around Huntsville to get interest and places to plant trees.
      • Sent email to SAIC Media Relations department. --Jimshoe 10:42, 25 March 2010 (CDT)
    • Spacefelix will be asking the Green Makers on if they have available planting sites and if the local Sierra Club is going to be planting. Will also see if anyone is willing to donate trees, time, money or planting space to our efforts. Some people have asked if trees can be planted at their place.


The Crew


  • Buy domain name. DONE
    • -- Captain Jimshoe 01:16, 23 January 2010 (CST)
  • Need to obtain trees DONE
    • DONE 2/22/10 - Bought Makers Local 256 a 12-month membership in the Arbor Day Foundation. Came with 10 free trees and discounts to their tree store.
      • Shipment still in progress, expected to arrive in 02/12–04/30 timeframe. Deadline to order more trees from the Arbor Day Foundation is 04/16 [1].
    • Look up local plant and tree nurseries and farms.
  • Need to find planting site Started
    • Register with the Arbor Day Foundation as a tree planting organization. - IN PROGRESS, have submitted an application to register as Huntsville, AL's tree planters.
    • Contact Alabama Sierra Club, local parks and to coordinate planting sites or find opportunities to help out.
    • Look for ecologically distressed or deforested areas that can benefit from tree planting.
  • Promotion & Partnerships
    • Arbor Day Foundation - Closed, ADF will only accept a partnership if we are doing a large-scale tree-planting/support event and have the expertise. Seems we will have to let the Arrrbor Day event mature and grow before we can try again. Otherwise, we are only an Arbor Day Foundation customer.
    • Sierra Club
    • Twitter
    • Green Makers Group - DONE
    • Mailing lists
      • Makers Local General List
      • General List
    • Facebook event
    • Huntsville Livejournal community
  • Costumes (optional but encouraged)
  • Props for Helmsman CrashCart's van