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"Because we're grown ups now and it's our turn to decide what that means."[1] Ball pits never stopped being fun folks, it just became socially unacceptable to play in them. Nothing ever said I can't have my own....



The Plan

  • Build a ball pit in a semi-permanent capacity?
    • Using the sectional sofa as a wall, extend containment walls out to the projection wall and fill.
      • 750 square feet
      • 28" high
      • 14576 balls
      • $874.56 in balls
    • String up a net for containment on the balcony, child gates for doors, and fill.
      • 936 square feet
      • 28" high
      • 27682 balls
      • $1660.92 in balls


  • Build a ball pit in a portable capacity?
    • Fair sized inflatable swimming pool.
      • Needs to be at least 4' deep.


Ball tally

  • Nov 8 100 semi-crush proof balls $9.88
  • Nov 14 200 semi-crush proof balls $19.76