Bawls Bottle Challenge

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A challenge to doing some creative/innovative/fun with one of the 24 Bawls bottles collected by Brimstone.




Put your entries here:

Leyden jar

  • Make a leyden jar with the maximum storage capacity.
    • Possibly make it "smart" by regulating output in some useful manner.
    • Fill with shards of glass to increase the internal surface area.


Jug Band Calliope

  • 24 Note Air-Driven Jug

Glowing Bawls

Bawls Sculpture

Moonflower Bawls

Bawls Mobile

  • Make a lovely Bawls Mobile.
    • Drill a hole on the neck of each bottle, run fishing line through, and tie it to a tier of metal bars that could hold the weight of the bottles. (Popsicle sticks and metal coat hangers won't work here).