Bee Keeping

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Born On:
10:42, 30 May 2018 (CDT)
Last Updated:
18:28, 02 February 2019 (CDT)


Information pertaining to bee keeping

Fellow Apiaries and Contacts

  • Jonathan, Chad
  • Asa
  • Greg Brown's Uncle
  • Yellow Hat Guys' Dad

Contacts for Purchasing Live Bees

  • Allen (Scottsboro)
    • 256-200-4575
    • Had a bad year in 2018, not selling, but might in the future
    • Jonathan said $160 for 4 frames was Allen's price
  • Craig (From ad on
    • One of the hives appeared to have virus, Craig said he would make it right if the frames didn't survive.
    • $140 ?
  • Fork Mountain Bees (Scottsboro)
    • $170+

Treating Diseases

Catching Swarms

  • Lemongrass Oil. Rub some on the top of one single frame. Put cotton ball with a few dabs of the oil on it in a zip lock bag, and then tear a small corner out of the bag. Place on top of the frames.
    • This mimics the pheromones of a queen

Places to Purchase Equipment

  • Mann Lake
  • OSBeehives (BuzzBox, IOT Bee Monitoring, Android App for listening to hive health)

Lessons Learned

  • We're in Alabama and it gets hot here. Purchase a well ventilated bee suit. They are double the price.
  • Getting the first frame out of a bee hive is difficult without a frame grabbing tool.
  • You can't use your touch screen on your phone if you have gloves on. There's usually a way to snap photos using the mechanical buttons on a phone.
  • Hive foundations should be up off the ground, use a pallet or paving stones. If the ground is slightly sloped, angle the opening of the have downward so that any rain or moisture runs out of the box.
  • Political signs work well as a buffer between the top most box and the lid. Bees will glue the lid down, this helps with that.