Bike Ride

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Basic Event Information

  • Name: Bike Ride
  • Organizer\POC: Omegix
  • Date: TBD. Thursday July 14th?
  • Time: 6:00
  • Location: Start at Shop
  • Cost to Attend: $0


Bike ride from the shop.

  • Shop to Old Town Coffee (sometimes closes early around 7) (5-10 min ride from shop)
  • Old Town Coffee to TBD dinner location.

Know of a cool place to ride to from the shop?

  • Andrew Jackson: Dollar General, Trail Head
  • Lincoln Mill area: BBQ, Chinese, CopperTop Grill & Bar, playground behind abandoned middle school
  • 5-points: Thai Garden, Star Market, Tenders
  • Miridian towards downtown: Dog Park, The Loose Goose (new bar), Bicycle Shop, Nice Park (on the left)

Interested Peoples

  1. Lender Bike - Spacefelix
  2. Lender Bike -
  3. Lender Bike -
  4. Jeff (will use my bike)