Binary Clock

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Work has not yet started on this project. It is close to the bottom of the list since I already have my nixie clock.


Eventually, this will be a fully enclosed binary clock with what I hope will be a nice silver (metal) or black (plastic) case. I also intend for it to use a standard computer power cable and have the power supply entirely internal with the option to use batteries. Time will be set with a group of 3 switches. I may add a 4th switch for an alarm. All switches will be 3 position switches that do not lock on either side and always pull themselves back to the center position.

Required Materials

  • Blue LEDs
  • ATMEGA16 microprocessor
  • breadboard
  • 3x3-position switches to control time
  • power support system (battery+AC downconverting)
  • Project box from radioshack or a custom made metal housing (diamond plate?)

Optional Materials

  • additional 3-position switch to set to alarm (on, off, set alarm time)
  • additional switch to disable display, but continue to keep time (for transport)