Bluetooth Throat Microphone

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-- Started out as a method for communications while the windows are down/top is off/riding a motorcycle or other high noise environment.

-- Using the same concept of military throat mics [1], coupled with the low cost bluetooth headset components [2]

-- Current status:

 √  Have a throat mic
 √  Have 3 bluetooth headsets for parts and scavenging (2 x plantronics, 1 x jabra)
 √  Confirmed pickups are working with existing blackberry on wired connection

-- Things to do...

 *  Have to replace the ear speaker, as it's a different impedance and isn't drivable by the blackberry wired connection
 *  Once wired connectivity is functioning properly, solder wires to bluetooth module, and test
 *  Once testing is completed, rework package to fit in the smallest area possible and mount to neck piece
 *  Find largest battery available for neck piece > 30ma
 *  Create a 'sock' to put the entire unit inside, with velcro closure
 *  Take to shmoocon and show off!!!