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I have been interested in Chinese brush painting for a couple of years now. I love looking at the old paintings and reading about the old masters. The Chinese created works of art with their paintings, but the tools they used were works of art themselves. Eventually I will get to making my own brushes, inkstone, seal (chop), but for now, I am going to build a holder for my cheap Hobby Lobby brushes. It will be similar in style to this one. I plan on making it to be a functional piece of art.


  • Draw out design
  • Buy materials
  •  ???
  • Profi....I mean Create!!!

Materials & Tools

  • Wood
  • Carving tools (dremel, carving tools)
  • Stain or sealant for the wood
  • Hooks to hold the brushes
  • Wood glue, nails, screws, something to hold everything together