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Born On:
00:34, 24 June 2010 (CDT)
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16:33, 17 May 2012 (CDT)


Ye Olde Shoppe NEEDS a CNC router.

I have only just begun this project, and I could certainly use help.

We already have two decent-sized steppers rated at 1.8deg per step (both unipolar). The z-axis doesn't need to be so beefy or precise, I think, but if you happen to come across a nice 1.8deg/step unipolar (5 or 6-wire) stepper, by all means commandeer it!

Instructables has a simple circuit for the controllers here I think we have the zener diodes and mosfets required for this circuit.

This guy here is just using a single uln2003 chip to drive each motor. I don't know how good that is for the motor or for the chip, but it seems to work. Also, there is no isolation.


  • build the driver circuit
    • buy either uln2003 chips or cd4516 and cd4028 chips
    • buy some opto-isolators? (optional?)
  • build the housing (I like the idea of moving the piece on one axis, and the router on the other axis ala the MIT design below) (MDF? Acrylic?)
    • buy some precision threaded rods

Some example CNC machines on the cheap:

Instructables: Easy-to-Build-Desk-Top-3-Axis-CNC-Milling-Machine

MIT student's 3-axis CNC milling machine that costs less than $100



  • This page seems to be where we are hanging CNC links so this link is to the not-Open 2x4 CNC. The not-Open CNC's purpose is to ease the bootstrapping of an Open CNC a la Millard_fillmore. --phil

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