CRT Mountable Fan

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A simple CRT mountable fan.


  1. Small DC computer fan
  2. 9-12 volt DC power supply
  3. 10-32 x 36 threaded rod
  4. 1/16" thick 3/4" x 36" Aluminum angle bracket
  5. 2 #6-32 x2" machine screws with nuts
  6. 3 #6-32 x1/2" machine screws with nuts
  7. 6 #10-32 nuts
  8. 1 switch

Construction procedure

  1. Start by cutting a two pieces of the Aluminum bracket to the height of the fan as shown(fig 1).
    Brackets figure 1
  2. Now solder the fan to the switch and the power supply to the switch(fig 2.
    Switch figure 2
  3. Then drill the holes so that the brackets can be mounted to the fan.
  4. Next mount the fan bracket assembly to the cut section of #10-32 rod.
  5. Now mount the final set of brackets to the ends of the threaded rod.
  6. Lastly mount the fan onto a CRT.
Final Assembly

Detailed Drawings

To be added at a later time.