Choir Folder Mod

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Take an ordinary Black Choir Folder and turn it into something easier to hold during performance.

If anyone has every sung in choir, you know that holding the black folder up during performance can be stressful and tiring to your arm(s).

I saw a really expensive choir folder that had a strap across the bottom and outside near the top. I decided to implement those on my ordinary cheapo folder.


  • Ordinary Choir Folder
  • Rope
  • Tape or something adhesively strong to go outside the folder
  • Sharpie or Black paint to make your ropes black. (Your choral director would have a heart attack otherwise).


  • Cut your ropes of length.
    • You need one at the bottom to hold the choir folder open. Make sure its not so narrow that you can't get your music in, but not so wide that it provides little rest on your arm at all.
    • You need another smaller piece to go outside the choir folder at the top. When the folder is open, you should be able to slip two fingers in it for support. I made this piece longer than necessary so I could adjust accordingly by taping it down in different places.

Bottom Rope

  • Open your folder. Look at the spots in your choir folder. Are there any "holes" you can slip the rope through? I found tiny holes in the outer corners on my folder where the pockets meet the corner.
  • I made them bigger with a knife (not too wide)! I burned the end of the rope to make it hard and non-fray like. Slip the rope through.
  • Tie a knot near the end of the rope portion thats slipped through.
  • Repeat with other end.

Outer Rope

  • This will take finangling. On the outside of the folder, across the spine- Tape the rope on one side of the spine. Tape the other piece of rope on the other side of the spine, giving an appropriate length for your fingers to poke through. Not too wide, otherwise you won't get the support you're going for. You should be able to slip 2 fingers through while the folder is open.
  • Voila! A $20+ product for much less.
  • Don't forget to color all bright materials black!