Cordless Computer

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Cordless Computer

Well, maybe one cord.

I had this idea as a sophomore in college, my vision was of a sphere that hung by a chain from the ceiling, and one single power cord going into the ceiling (wrapped down the chain into the sphere).

The idea is with all the wireless technologies we have today, it would be possible to have all the peripherals (and monitor) wireless from the keyboard.

At the time wirless video was only available as an broadcasted RF, like broadcasting live video. It was too low resolution to pursue. Today it's too cost prohibitive to pursue, but should be possible.


  • Bluetooth Dongle for cordless keyboard, mouse, and audio
  • Wireless video transfer (there are wireless HD transmitters for the home now)
    • As an alternative, a really cheap tablet with rdesktop or X11 forwarding and wifi such as the ramline used in the photobooth
  • Sphere case
  • Spikes