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Born On:
23:07, 17 November 2010 (CST)
Last Updated:
17:14, 18 November 2010 (CDT)



As of 11-18-2010, the Square card reader did not work with the G1 running CM5 or CM6, although the application did install. Running theory is that it has to do with the USBext connection. Since any more digging would require modifying the G1's hardware, this project is on hold until later generations of android devices become cheap enough to repurpose. That being said, this might work with a bluetooth device that accepts 3.5mm jacks.


Old Town Coffee doesn't take credit cards, which causes customers unplanned visits to ATMs. Going to see if a G1 can be repurposed with a reader to be a credit card acceptor. If it works maybe Makers Local can get them to allow customers the option to pay an extra amount to use their credit card, and some of the profits will go to our favorite charity.


  • Need to read over terms of service to make sure this is on the up and up with
  • If it works, need to make sure the ML256 board is cool putting our name on it.
  • Square App is designed to work on only certain phones running Android 2.1+. No Guarantee that once a G1 is running CM6 (2.2) that it will work
    • The application installs, but swiping the card results in "please swipe again" every time. Going to try this with CM5 (2.1) to see if it has the same results.
    • Same problem experienced for CM5 (2.1)
  • G1 uses USBext for sound. Square readers are designed to plug directly into a standard audio jack. Don't know much about the extra pins on this connection, but I do have a converter cable for the G1. maybe it will work, dunno
  • Haven't asked Olde Town about whether they would even want this. Was hoping to make a working model before crossing that bridge, and then see if they want it. Olde Town may have other reasons than credit card processing being an extra expenditure for not already offering this to their customers.
  • Wifi will need to be availble - Challenge met, Olde Town has Wifi
    • This should probably be over an encrypted connection, may need to add another router to the system for the added security.
  • These square readers may have been designed for 5-6 transaction a day. Not 30. Dongle may wear out faster than desired.
  • To make the unit as user friendly as possible, it would be nice to lock the square app to the screen.
    • Brimstone suggests: "With an app like tasker, you might be able to say if (current app is not square) { start square app } "


  • Make credit card processing accessible to customers (or members of Makers Local if they don't want it)
  • Use as a fund raiser for makers local