Custom Ceiling Fan

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Implemented, Scrapped:

The fans have been ripped apart for other purposes.


I currently have 9 or 10 nideq 12cm industrial fans. These have a VERY long lifetime and consume tons of power (0.8A a piece). The current plan is to hook them all together(zipties for now) and mount them to the ceiling so that i can flip them for summer or winter as neccessary without much hassle. This will powered using two S800i power supplies(12V5A each). The power supplies will NOT be in parallel as failure of one would put the other under extreme load causing it to fail as well.


  • 01/22/07 - I have finished linking the fans together.
  • 05/02/07 - The motor controllers are on their way.
  • 04/21/09 - Repurposing fans for ventilation purposes.


Required materials:

  • 12cm fans (already acquired for ~$15)
  • 12V power supply (two S800i power supplies @ 12V5A a piece for ~$10 each)


Industrial fan.jpg

Linkage between fans:

Basic fan linkage1.jpg Basic fan linkage2.jpg

Finished linked fans:

Final linkage.jpg