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Donations Status

  • Please login to the donation system to track and inform the Treasurer of your donation. Donation System
  • Tax receipts can be asked for by emailing

Ways to Donate

There are many ways you can Donate to Makers Local 256. Below are the best ways.


If you would like to physically deliver your donation, just drop it in the top drawer of the office filing cabinet when you get a chance. There are envelopes in the filing cabinet if you need one.

Square Cash

Use to donate via Square Cash. You may also use the Cash app to send your donation to


Members can donate via Redstone Federal Credit Union transfer. More information is here.



There are two ways to setup subscription:

Button Management Page for Treasurer

Paypal Donation Page

Modifying Your PayPal Subscription

  • Members should always notify the Treasurer when modifying their subscription amount. The Treasurer will never try to talk you out of any modification, we're happy that you donate!
  • To modifying a recurring PayPal donation that is linked to a card, you must first cancel your existing recurring, and then create a new one

Paypal's Surchage

Please keep in mind that Paypal charges us over 3% for every transaction.
We are not passing on the cost of this transaction fee to you.
If you feel so inclined to cover the surcharge fees for processing your donation, feel free to make a one time donation here:

Recommended 1 Time Donation to Cover our Yearly Paypal Expenses
$100 a Month Members= $38, once a year
$50 a Month Members = $21, once a year
$20 a Month Members = $7, once a year
$10 a Month Members = $4, once a year
$5 a Month Members = $4, once a year


Mathematical Formula:
((PaypalPercentageRate * X) + PaypalFlatRate) * MonthsInYear * SurchageRateForThis_1_TimePayment + FlatRate_1_TimePayment = Y
((0.029 * X) + 0.30) * 12 * 1.03 + 0.30 = Y
Where X = Monthly Donation
Where Y = Suggested 1 Time Donation

One Time Donation

Use the button below to make a one time random donation.


Passive donations

Amazon Smile

Set up your Amazon Smile account to send donations to Makers Local 256. Then, whenever you shop Amazon from you'll be sending a proportionate donation to the shop!