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Born On:
10:20, 20 March 2009 (CDT)
Last Updated:
15:58, 22 July 2009 (CDT)


The link to the donations webapp is: It requires an LDAP account to login.


Donation Request

Every Monday at 6am, the script will send an email to every LDAP account holder who doesn't have a paid or pending status.

Treasurer Status Notifier

Script emails the treasurer when a member donation status changes.

Usage Notes

Payment Status Key

  • Clicking 'X' sets the month to Not Paid
  • Clicking 'P' sets the month to Pending
  • Clicking 'Y' sets the month to Paid


  • Only Admin can set the month to Paid
  • 'Pending' signifies that the member has made his donation, and the Admin needs to confirm that the donation was received.

Month Display

  • Under the previous system, Treasurer would send reminder emails to make the month's payment roughly 1 week prior the the 27th of the previous month. Example: April donation reminder would be manually generated on March 20th.
    • Treasurer no longer reminds people to put in donations, reminder script kicks off first Monday of month and sends subsequent reminders every Monday thereafter

Improvement Ideas

When the admin changes a month from X|P to Y, he is then directed to a page where he has the option to enter in the amount that was donated and a comment. The application then sends a thank you email (CC'ed to the treasurer account) to the member that references the donated amount. If the admin opted to populate the comment field, it would show up as a "PS:" at the bottom of the letter. These letters (currently manually sent by the treasurer) can be used as IRS donation receipts.