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eduroam is a wireless network that is available at the make shop, as well as at other educational institutions. Once you set up eduroam at your home institution, it already works at the shop; there is no further setup necessary when you visit.

How do I set it up?

Check with the help desk at your home institution (usually a university, but not always).

You can't use your Maker credentials with this; you have to set it up at an eduroam "identity provider" - that is, you have to have a username somewhere else. Makers Local 256 is just a "service provider" - we just make the network available for use.

Some example institutions who offer accounts for use with eduroam include UAH, UA, UAB, Georgia Tech, LSU, OU, etc.

I set it up at <insert university here> and it doesn't work at the make shop.

Let us know about that.