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Gregabyte and Omegix
Building World
Born On:
15:11, 22 April 2017 (CDT)
Last Updated:
10:46, 24 April 2017 (CDT)


Admin Cheatsheet

Restarting the Server

  • /home/[user]/.evennia/bin/activate
    • evennia stop/start

Builder's Cheatsheet

  • @dig allows easy creation of rooms with multiple exits
  • @tunnel creates rooms in a cardinal direction
  • @open adds an exit to existing locations

Desired Features


  • Stealable
    • An object that can stolen, but only if the user can pass a check against the item's StealBuff against being stolen.
  • Tech
    • An object that be hacked. Some items give a general boost to a hack challenge on any stealable object. Some items can lower the buff for a character against a specific stealable. Some tech can lower a target's buff on steal checks.

Character Actions

  • Steal
    • Characters StealBuff (plus modifiers) vs. Stealable's StealBuff
  • Hack
    • Character's HackBuff (plus modifiers) vs. Tech's HackBuff


  • Character can solve in game puzzles to increase their HackBuff when attempting a Hack action

Example Game Plays

Stealing The Quarters From Cascade

  1. Character is in the AV area and comes across the Tech object Ham Radio.
  2. Character attempts to hack the Ham Radio and is told "The Ham Radio is Unpowered." The player knows he has encountered a Puzzle to be solved.
  3. Character explores hackables and finds a regular object Power Cord.
  4. Character attaches Power Cord to Ham Radio and plugs Ham Radio into regular object Power Outlet.
  5. Character attempts to hack the Ham Radio. Ham Radio has a HackBuff of 8 out of 10. Character has a HackBuff of 2. Character has a HamRadioHackBuff of 0. CharacterHackBuff + HamRadioHackBuff = 2. 2 vs. 8, Hack fails.
  6. Character examines the library and finds the readable Object "Ham for Newbs."
  7. Character reads Ham for Newbs, and his HamRadioHackBuff is increased from 0 to 7.
  8. Character returns to AV Area and attempts hack against Ham Radio. CharacterHackBuff + HamRadioHackBuff is now 9. 9 vs. 8, Hack passes.
    1. Character's CascasdeHackBuff increases.
    2. Character is told that when he clicks the button he hears "CACHUNK" coming from the shop floor below.
  9. Character goes to Shop Floor and attempts Steal on Cascade. His StealBuff + CascadeStealBuff is greater than the regular object Cascades StealBuff. Steal passes. Quarters are added to character's inventory.

Failing a Steal Check

  1. Character finds a Blender in the Kitchen. Character doesn't know it, but the Blender has a StealBuff of 8, and his StealBuff + BlenderStealBuff is 2. Character Steals blender, but the steal fails.
  2. An NPC appears and says, "Hey, if you're going to borrow that, make sure to write it up on the whiteboard" and NPC disappears.
  3. Character successfully hacks the Ham Radio upstairs and increases his CascadeStealBuff, but not his BlenderStealBuff.
  4. Character attempts to steal blender, but the steal fails.
  5. Character receives a notification that he has received a FORMAL COMPLAINT for trying to steal the blender.
  6. Character successfully hacks the TV in the office, it does not increase his BlenderStealBuff
  7. Character attempts and fails to steal the blender for a 3rd time
  8. Character is BBBBBBANNED and is teleported to room that he cannot leave for X actions.

Brainstorm Concepts

  • Character can hack Tech to reduce the number of turns he spends banned
  • Character can hack Tech to add mulligans for attempted steal checks
  • Character can hack Tech to reduce another characters general StealBuff of HackBuff
  • Character can hack Tech so that if another character didn't disable a SecurityObject during his steal, he gets the CrumpCoin the other character gained during his cash out. Maybe put this on a timer so other characters have a window to perform their steal.
  • Character takes down a SecurityObject and it sends a real-life email\IRC message to a willing Players. If X players respond to email the security device comes back up and they know they can go hack a Tech object to steal the CrumpCoin gained from their cashout
  • Character can hack Tech to take ownership of a policy. Policies make it more difficult for other characters to accomplish tasks. Like you want to steal an object from the kitchen, but you can't until you clean the dishes, and the dishes respawn.