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Born On:
21:58, 27 April 2020 (CDT)
Last Updated:
16:06, 29 June 2020 (CDT)


Inherited a bunch of assets from the before time. Converting 8mm tapes to digital.


  • Knockoff Wolverine 8mm Converter
    • Small 1" piece of paper. The early model of the Wolverine has a design flaw, there are only two white tabs to hold the film down, and no 3rd tab to help keep the film pressed against the advancement sprocket. Laying a small piece of paper between the film and the lid added the necessary pressure to keep the film pressed into the sprocket and allow the film to advance.
  • SD Card \ Reader
    • After 70+ inserts and removals, the locking tab on the SD card broke off, making my card permanently unwriteable. Not sure what broke the tab off, but it could be a design flaw in the wolverine. Good to have a backup on hand.
  • Old Windows Movie Maker (The one packaged with Windows10 has all the needed features behind a paywall)
  • DIY large reel holder
    • The larger reels do not fit on the Wolverine
    • Parts
      • Carboard Box
      • A weight to put inside the box (I used a book)
      • A pole that will fit the hole in the reel (I used an allen wrench. The square sides of the allen wrench let me attach a binder clip to it that kept the reel from sliding off
      • Duct tape, to fix the allen wrench to the box
      • Binder clip
  • Issues
    • I had issues with the film overruning the plastic destination reel that comes with the Wolverine. This resulted in tape piling up on the floor. Winding it by hand isn't too hard of a hassle, but you'll spend a lot of time reeling and then flipping the reel to try to get the film straight.

Old Windows Movie Maker Notes

  • 8mm film from Wolverine needs to be slowed down to 0.6 seconds (or 0.533): Source
    • Super8 18 fps 0.6
    • Super8 24 fps 0.8
    • 8mm 16 fps 0.533
      • My personal experience working with the Wolverine hardware and Movie Maker software, 0.75x "felt" the most correct.
    • If uploading the videos to Youtube, there is an option from YouTube to slow down or speed up the viewing.
  • Save video for high deg
  • Turn on image stabilization and wobble correction

Conversion Logs