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Frugal (and green!) living


I will be giving a talk about ways to live frugally, and sometimes eco-friendly. As shapr put it, "The way I see it, the more money I can save, the more money I can spend on tech [things], right?" And of course, we all want to be green. Some of the stuff I will talk about, I already went over in my Green Lving class.

Wake up call

Spend normally for a couple of months, and then see where all your money went. Pick your jaw up off the floor, and then get motivated to save money!

Definition of "Frugal" and "Cheap"

Being frugal takes more effort.

Cheap people are not happy people.

Being frugal is about being happy while saving money.

Cheap people think short term. Frugal people think long term.

Cheap people care about the cost of something. Frugal people care about the value of something.

Being frugal is about moderation and balance.


"The Latte Factor" vs The laundry detergent factor

Determine what is important to you.

Debt Stuff

Different ways to save money






Poverty Line