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This page is for Fundraising (or a potential Fundraising Committee)

Fundraising Brainstorms

  • Write letter to ask for Make Magazine to donate a subscription to Makers Local
  • Poker night
    • Omegix and Opticron interested in sponsoring this
      • Omegix can supply 1 set of poker chips
    • Proposed Date Tuesday 10/13/09
    • Would need to dominate 1-2 tables
    • In order to not aggrivate the local law enforcement, these typically have to be organized in a particular way
      • Entry fee is a donation to the organization
      • Prizes are not cash, but gift certificates are good
      • If IEEE cosponors this event they may supply food for the event
  • Sell Maker Salsa at the Flying Monkey artist market
    • Preuxphoto and Gregabyte interested sponsoring this
  • Getting To Know The Neighbors
    • Ask if the neighbors need anything made and make it for them (for a reasonable price).
    • Can be a great way to get to know the neighbors, get possible sponsorships and our name out to local businesses.
  • Recommended Voluntary Minimum Donations
    • Place on the donation slips & website a recommended minimum donation amount per month. This can be based on a poll of how much members are willing to pay and/or how much is needed for cashflow to be neutral.
  • Sale of Community Garden Produce & Other Products
    • From the Community Garden, we can sell our surplus produce and whatever else we make from it; preserves, extracts, Maker Salsa, etc.

Upcoming Fundraising Projects

Past Fundraising Events

  • Volunteering at Teledyne Brown Picnic
  • Brian's Birthday Party
  • Open Houses (donation box)
  • Retro Gaming night (charge for food)
  • Volunteering at Big Spring Jams (9/25/09)
  • NGIS Community Service Grants Program (Was turned down for 2010, but encouraged to apply again)

Ways to Save

  • Reduced power and water use.
  • Propose to landlord to maintain building to reduce rent.
  • See what we can do ourselves vs. what we are paying for.