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This page is for Fundraising (or a potential Fundraising Committee)

Fundraising Brainstorms

  • Booster programs like what the boyscouts do
  • Solicit Members to donate extra
  • Membership drive
    • Talking to groups that would have crossover interests
    • Fliers
    • Brochures
    • Business Cards
    • NPR Blurb (NPR wants us to do this)
    • Open house at lowe mill
    • Show off crafted item at Masquerade Ball or other cross interest events
    • Have a Table at conventions
      • the ones Daniel V. mentioned
      • Nerdcon
      • TedX
  • Can we let other people email us vector images, laser cut stuff for a donation, and mail it to them
  • Additional LAN Party
  • Maker Calendar
  • Wooden Box \ Item Kit that we sell outside of the shop, with a card inside inviting people to a group build session (See David Tabb)
  • Grant applications
    • Combined Federal Campaign (Dmitry has details)
    • Northrop Grumman NGIS
    • TVA (Ryan Coons has details)
  • Makers Local Acrylic Keychains (Daniel V. will cut if someone else will design)
  • Poker night
  • Sell Maker Salsa at the Flying Monkey artist market
  • Sale of Community Garden Produce & Other Products
    • From the Community Garden, we can sell our surplus produce and whatever else we make from it; preserves, extracts, Maker Salsa, etc.

Upcoming Fundraising Projects

Past Fundraising Events

  • Volunteering at Teledyne Brown Picnic
  • Retro Gaming night (charge for food)
  • Volunteering at Big Spring Jams (9/25/09)
  • NGIS Community Service Grants Program (Was turned down for 2010, but encouraged to apply again)