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This page is for Fundraising (or a potential Fundraising Committee)

Fundraising Brainstorms

  • Booster programs like what the boyscouts do
  • Solicit Members to donate extra
  • Membership drive
    • Talking to groups that would have crossover interests
    • Fliers
    • Brochures
    • Business Cards
    • NPR Blurb (NPR wants us to do this)
    • Open house at lowe mill
    • Show off crafted item at Masquerade Ball or other cross interest events
    • Have a Table at conventions
      • the ones Daniel V. mentioned
      • Nerdcon
      • TedX
  • Can we let other people email us vector images, laser cut stuff for a donation, and mail it to them
  • Additional LAN Party
  • Maker Calendar
  • Wooden Box \ Item Kit that we sell outside of the shop, with a card inside inviting people to a group build session (See David Tabb)
  • Grant applications
    • Combined Federal Campaign (Dmitry has details)
    • Northrop Grumman NGIS
    • TVA (Ryan Coons has details)
  • Makers Local Acrylic Keychains (Daniel V. will cut if someone else will design)
  • Poker night
  • Sell Maker Salsa at the Flying Monkey artist market
  • Sale of Community Garden Produce & Other Products
    • From the Community Garden, we can sell our surplus produce and whatever else we make from it; preserves, extracts, Maker Salsa, etc.

Upcoming Fundraising Projects

Liquidation of Shop Assets (eBay, Craiglist, etc)


Daniel V., Michael G., Jeff C., Ryan C.

Nominated Items

Guaranteed Sells

Interest does not gaurantee claim. Liquidated items should be made available to all members via auction.

  • Kitchen Skewers (Wes Interested)
  • Blu Ray Player (Jeff Interested)

Disqualified Items

  • Large Calipers, permaloaned to the shop
  • Knitting Machine, member interest
  • Spools of Wire, member interest

Past Fundraising Events

  • Attended CFC
  • Volunteering at Teledyne Brown Picnic
  • Retro Gaming night (charge for food)
  • Volunteering at Big Spring Jams (9/25/09)
  • NGIS Community Service Grants Program (Was turned down for 2010, but encouraged to apply again)
  • Silent Auction