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Born On:
12:59, 25 November 2013 (CST)
Last Updated:
12:11, 13 December 2013 (CDT)


"Garage Sale" is not a specific event, but an ongoing effort to rid the shop of excess materials while raising funds for the organization. Materials will be sold in various ways, such as auctions, physical garage sale, and online auction sites such as eBay.

Original donor should follow 501c3 guidelines for deducting non-cash items, which will likely be FMV at time of donation.

Steps for Selling Items

  • Email members list asking if anyone will be using the item in a project. Also ask if anyone sees the need to retain a few of an object if we have multiple of the object.
  • Auction the item.
    • If the item sells, package and ship the item.
    • If the item doesn't sell, email the members list that there will be one week to pick up the item for free before it is recycled or thrown away.
      • Throw Item away after a week.
  • Inform treasurer of outcome of the auction, have Treasurer update the inventory (which is used for insurance claims)


Listing items on eBay assists in determining an item's value. The idea is if an item is listed, and it doesn't sell, then the item has no value and can be thrown away or recycled. This way of thinking was mentioned from a member of HacDC in Washington.

Items Proposed for Sale

Treasurer's Note

  • Makers Local 256 does not sell things. If a private party chooses to take an item from the Hack-Me section, and later donate extra money, that is well and good. As a rule, things found in the Hack-Me section are fair game and not "for sale". People are encouraged to donate money if they find things in the Hack-Me section, but there are no price tags. As with all things in the shop use your best judgement and consider the feelings of others.
  • Original donors are given a receipt for items that they donate at the time that they donate and and appreciation or depreciation of value while in the shop's possession is irrelevant after 1 year. If an item has been in the Hack-Me section for under a year, things could get more complicated, but we do keep records for donations.