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Packet garden.png


Currently your perception of your online world is the websites you visit, e-mails you read, and IMs conversations you have.

Then came Packet Garden which took all the information and literally let you move through it.

What if this was taken even further? Take the same tech found in Packet Garden and apply it to generating the terrain in your Croquet world.


Pipe dream


  • Your online activity generates the world you and others visit and interact in.
  • The world changes throughout out the day as more data is collected from your online activities.
  • The IPs which hover over locations in the world would be indexed and made searchable for easy reference
    • "Meet me over by"
    • "Hold on let me make a portal to there."


  • A unique experience every time you sign on or someone visits.
  • Habitual network activity would be more or less permanent land marks.
    • *AIM server IP* Mountain etc...
  • Forces one to explore the space more often.


  • Your surfing habits are revealed to users who visit and take time to lookup the IP addresses.
    • No packet content is shown thankfully.