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an unfortunately named, giant digital camera


Put Aside: I still like the idea, but the pictures would be crap, and it's a lot of trouble compared to just buying a real digital camera.


This is out of date. I bought a Thinkpad instead. Preserved as-is because I'm lazy.

So I'm buying a Motion Computing tablet PC. This one machine is going to have a ton of uses for me. I don't own a real laptop, nor a desktop, nor an mp3 player, nor a digital camera. This project is about using the tablet PC as a digital camera.

Obviously a tabletPC as a digital camera isn't going to be as handy or convenient as a traditional digital camera. C'est la vie.

What do I need? 1. a tablet PC 2. a webcam (preferrably high-res and low-cost)

Ok, so now I have a tablet with webcam that can take pictures in relatively well-lit areas. What about dark areas? A tablet PC plus webcam doesn't have a flash.

Well, I'll have to buy a flash bulb. But how do I make the tablet work in sync with the flash bulb?

I figured that I could just start taking video with the webcam, dropping every single frame that isn't lit well, and then when the flash bulb lights the scene, a certain threshold of lumens is reached, that frame and maybe 1 or 2 subsequent frames are averaged and saved.

Maybe it will work. We'll see.


One can only assume that this is in reference to the giant scanning arm on the industrial scanning whiteboard we have for the Make Shop.

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