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It's been mentioned before that Huntsville, AL needs a con. It's centrally located with respect to other cons in the Southeast and enough people know about us from attending other cons that it would be received well.



What's needed

  • Hotel
    • conference rooms
    • centrally located
    • easy to find
    • free wifi
  • Speakers
    • interesting talks about anything techie
    • reliable people
  • Con Schwag
    • reasonably cheap
    • useful
      • at the very least memorable
  • Programs
    • don't have to be super fancy just informative
    • adequate amount of them
  • Staff
    • reliable
    • able to follow instructions
    • self starters
    • easy to find
      • frs radios
      • t-shirts specifying their status


  • 03/06/2007: We've been approached by the makers of Outerz0ne, the Jacksonville 2600 guys, and the Shmoo Group offering help toward putting a con together. I'm waiting till after ShmooCon before I start trying to put anything together assuming it's not too late already to throw something together for this year. I think we're going to try an gear it as a tech conference and try to bring together groups similar to our own in once place for a weekend of project showcases, open discussion, and brainstorming.
  • 07/14/2007: Had a discussion with Daylon about his job this summer at UAH organizing conferences and stuff on campus and apparently UAH turns the dorms into a temporary hotel rooms for $18/night during the summer since there's no students staying in them. For that price you get a key to a dorm room, which isn't terribly big but there is a sizable "common area", a swipe card to get in and out of the building, and the ability to book the multipurpose room on the first floor as well as any study rooms on the remaining floors. The only problem to overcome with having a conference on the UAH campus in one of the dorms is internet access as they won't give you access to resnet, not that you'd want that anyways.