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Potential Software Resources

Camera Applications

Min Requirements: Has a Timer for taking and storing pictures over a 4 hour window to a memory card
Nice Perks: Variable Resolution, Variable Resolution per shot, ability to MMS pictures

  • Camera Pro (Cost: 0.99 pounds)
    • Has a Timer
  • Camera Magic (Cost: FREE)
    • Has a Timer (Can set seconds until first shot is taken)
    • Has Burst (Can set how many pictures to take, and how many seconds between shots)
      • Tested with 3 shots, 15 seconds apart
      • Max time between shots is 60 seconds
      • Max initial timer day is 60 seconds
    • Has ability to set resolution
    • 4/5 Stars in the Android Market
    • CONS: Some of the users are reporting 'force closes' (an application crash in android). Will need to test extensively to confirm reliability.
    • Need to confirm that the pictures are being stored to the card, and not the phone's internal memory.

Tracking Applications

  • Insignia Little Buddy --Jimshoe 17:35, 10 March 2010 (CST)
    • $69.99 right now, with 30 day free trial. $15 a month after that.
    • Has gps and cell for realtime updates.

Potential Hardware Resources

  • Jeff Cotten has a G1
  • Have sent a google employee an email about who to ask at google for a sponsored android phone
    • google contact is asking one of the Android guys at work about who to contact --Omegix 16:15, 10 March 2010 (CST)