Hackerspace Call-in/2010-03

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  • The Hackerspace Call-in was on Sunday, Mar 7th at 3:00PM. They are held the first Sunday of each month.
  • Each hackerspace update was limited to 5 minutes. Our update included our participation in the HSIS, the Pig Roast as our fund raiser, the IRC !Alert System, and our current membership count (I estimated at 38 people)
  • Many of the hackerspaces listed the HSIS competition in their list of current events
  • Baltimore Node hackerspace is creating a user access system based off Makers Local 256' servo implementation. They're using RFID as the access token. Their challenge is with torque, as they are having to turn a key in a lock rather than a latch on a deadbolt.
  • I3 Detroit has an 8,000 sqft hackerspace
  • Upcoming multi-hackerspace Events
    • Makerfair in Detroit
    • Pumping Station One is hosting the Hackathalon, a Hackerspace vs. Hackerspace event where competitors build and race PowerWheels vehicles. July 31st - August 1st.
    • There will be a Hackerspace Village at the next Hope con in NY.
    • Baltimore Node wants to put on a MiniMaker Fair in trhe psring
  • Neat Projects\Ideas Mentioned
    • HacDC has a user presence system, where once people have accessed the hackerspace, they can elect to press a button, have a camera take a picture, and twitter the picture.
    • VHS had a full spread article written about them in their local college's news paper
    • The other 501c3 hackerspaces on the call-in mentioned that they do membership fees, but that the members can't write them off on their taxes.
    • VHS charges two different membership rates based on key or no-key access
  • Generated some categories for Hackerspace Awards