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09:23, 25 February 2016 (CST)
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19:21, 01 March 2016 (CDT)


Ham Broadband is a type of meshnet that is supposed to be restricted to Ham Radio users. Just like with ham radios, there is nothing preventing an unauthorized user from standing up a HAM Broadband router. Using one without a ham radio license violates all sorts of FCC rules, so getting your license before joining in the fun is highly recommended. Ham Broadband uses frequencies already in use by standard home wireless routers, so no one is going to bitch that you're using their airspace.

Ham broadband is good for standing up small, temporary wireless networks, like you would for emergency situations. It is not ideal for permanent robust networks. If you are interested in that for Ham radio, check out HamWAN.


HamBroadband1.jpg HamBroadband2.jpg HamBroadband3.jpg


Currently Installed

  • KK4DTX-1
    • HamChat

Current Hurdles

  • Cannot install IRC server, ngircd, on KK4DTDX-1. Have not tried with KK4DTX-2. It reports bad tar magic.