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Archival entry--Class was taught in 2009

About The Class

Who? Jake Polatty

When? 1PM, starting Saturday August 1st, and continuing 7:30PM on Thursdays and 1PM on Saturdays.

Where? @ the Maker's Local, of course.

Why? I've head that there was some interest.

What To Bring

You only need to bring yourself. If you feel that you need some book assistance however, Gigaparts should sell a book called "Technician Class" by Gordan West, a book about getting your ham license.

What Will Be Taught

For the first few classes, I'll go mostly over the rules, policies, and various other things that pertain directly to ham radio. The aim for this is to get those who are interested ready by the upcoming Huntsville Hamfeston August 15th & 16th. If you don't feel ready you can always wait. There will be testing the first Saturday of each month.

When the Hamfest has come and gone, I'll continue into basic electronics for those who are interested.