Help I'm Locked Out!

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My NFC \ USB Isn't Working!

Such is life. Open up your email and search for "door code." The door code will be in the latest meeting minutes (look for previous month).

Please email to let them know.

No, it physically won't turn

  • Push the door in towards the shop while unlocking. The friction of the door frame may be keeping it from opening.

I think batteries are dead, or the power is off

First try the Highbay door entry method.

  1. go to the garage door.
  2. go to this page on your phone.
  3. while pushing the garage door bell, push the button.
  4. the garage door should open.

Nothing Works!

Well that sucks :( you're going to have to call someone to get in. If you don't have any of these people's contacts, email and hopefully someone will help you.

Metal Key Holders are listed in order of who to contact first

  1. Travis (contact info)
  2. Kinsey (contact info)
  3. Hunter (contact info)
  4. Phil
  5. Tyler C.
  6. Jennifer P.