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16:31, 22 December 2010 (CST)
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13:31, 28 December 2011 (CDT)


This is an attempt to map out sources of inspiration for various projects on the wiki. I would like to encourage everyone to contribute to this list. Mostly out of curiosity, but also to show others where inspiration can come from.


Project Ideasmith Inspiration Type Concept
Guerilla filesystem Strages Ghost in the Shell: Solid State Society Anime (movie) Japans elderly population is essentially networked to monitor their vital signs, they all have cyberbrains. This guy figures out that if he can block the alert system but keep the cyberbrain online when an elderly person dies, he can utilize that storage space. He distributes his ghost across several of these cyberbrains and lives in the network. This made me think about the resources available on large networks at any given point in time and whether those resources could be tapped.
BEAM pitcher plant Strages Hack-a-Day: Carnivorous robots Article (website) The article got me thinking about carnivorous plants and how I could use BEAM robot design around a microbial fuel cell.
Make Shop Nykodemus and Strages TechShop Tool Gym We both saw the original opening announcement back in 2006 and came to the same conclusion, that it could be done for cheaper and in Huntsville. We started meeting on weekends shortly there after to that end.
Photobooth Mark I Strages ShineSF's photobooth object Loved the idea of having a photobooth and it posting pics online so much I had to do it.
A Day in the Life Strages Freeze Frame and to a lesser extent Final Cut Movies The concept of recording every second of my life first and foremost is amusing and splicing together similar moments for the benefit/amusement/remembrance of others sat very well with me.
Paper Airplanes In Space Spacefelix Project Spaceplanes Near-Space Flight Project Spaceplanes launched a bunch of paper airplanes over Germany from a high-altitude weather balloon and has received reports that some of their craft have flown as far as South Africa and the West Coast of the USA. This is to test the feasibility of such a long-ranged flight of a paper airplane.
Permaculture Garden Spacefelix Aspects of Permaculture Gardening With the promise of a low-maintenance garden that would allow me to be lazy and the ability to help the environment, why not? Occured over several instances of gardening at the shop; 2010 and 2011.