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Born On:
09:59, 6 January 2010 (CST)
Last Updated:
13:53, 09 January 2012 (CDT)


There's talk of an Android based barcode scanner application desired for another local charity. This may be a good opportunity to develop something that could be used for the shop as well.
--Omegix 18:00, 13 September 2010 (CDT)

Database Fields

  • Item Name (Baseball Bat)
  • Item Physical Description (it's about 3 feet long, brown, and looks like a bat)
  • Item Functional Description (you hit baseballs with it)
  • Date Donated (March 23rd, 2010)
  • Person who Donated (Babe Ruth)
  • Item's Estimated Value (could help treasurer determine a value of the item) ($20)
  • Treasurer's Established Value (could be useful if we ever have to make an insurance claim) ($1,500)
  • Where in the Shop the item is stored (Let's people know where to look, and hopefully where to put back) (In the back corner of the library)
  • Item Serial Number (unique ID for tracking shop property)
  • Loaned / Donated Boolean (to establish whether the shop owns this piece of tracked property)

Android Implementation Ideas

  • Have QR codes point to shortlink of wiki entry
    • Use Semantic wiki capabilities to feed back data about the scanned code to the android app
    • Have app scan a "location in shop" code, adding the information to the wiki?
  • Google offers free application hosting, including WebTinyDB hosting. Not sure how powerful TinyWebDB is, but it might be powerful enough.
  • Could use Flickr application for storing pictures of barcoded items. store link to the picture in the web DB.
  • Could use Android Barcode Scanner app as mechanism for reading in barcode
  • Could build a web browser interface for the the facilities committee for approving new submissions, and filtering out bad entries.

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