Item Disposal Proposal

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Proposal Name

  • Call To Vote Date: NOT YET CALLED TO VOTE
  • Voting Period Shall end in 72 hours from Call to Vote date.
    • Called by:
    • Seconded by:


Currently this is a brainstorm page for a proposal. She shop will continue to collect items that hold less value than they do take up space. We need to find a way to dispose of items in the shop without accidentally throwing away something of value to a member.


Idea #1

  • Items nominated for disposal will be held a minimum of three weeks prior to disposal.
    • Perishables are excluded from this. Members use their best judgment if something is rotting and needs to be tossed.
  • Items will be clearly identified as being nominated for disposal.
    • How they will be identified
      • Location
        • Large Box Near the Exit
      • Tag
        • Toe Tag
  • The date the items are nominated will be clearly indicated.
  • Once the minimum amount of time has passed for a nominated object, any member of the organization may dispose of the item.
    • For items that have ownership tags on them, the owner should be contacted first


  • Current situation is that before anything leaves the shop, it must be passed by Strages, Ratmandu, CrashCart and JimShoe. As they are familiar with shop projects, happenings and what can be reused they can decide what will be done with it.